20 Stunning Type Treatments


Typography is one of the most important aspects of design that can transform simple text into work of elegance. By using programs like Photoshop or Cinema 4D, an ordinary font can become vibrant, expressive and exciting. In this article, I have collected 20 beautiful examples of type treatments to provide you inspiration. The use of color, dimension and texture are professionally used by the designers to create rich works of art with merit.


1. Tongue

2. Milk Sucks

3. Black Wood

4. Neon


6. Typography

7. Glossy Letterings

8. Explode

9.Victory over Death

10. Walk in the Open Sky

11. Green

12. Look Back & Remember

13. Open House

14. Typefunk

15. RollerTown

16. Typography

17. Typo-graphic Dope

18. Boom

19. Typography

20. Open House

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